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Core Values

Sixth Sense is a non-profit organization inspired by the ten principles of Burning Man, plus Consent, and rooted in many years of experience in creating sex-positive spaces, and promoting a thriving culture that embraces and respects all diversities.

At its core, Sixth Sense is inspired by the 10 original principles of Burning Man, plus Consent.

These principles serve as the foundation for our unique and transformative events, where participants can freely express themselves and form connections within a community that values creativity and inclusion.

The arts are an integral part of Sixth Sense. We passionately support artists and their works at our events, thus creating an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of imagination.

Each Sixth Sense gathering is a secure environment where individuals can explore new ways of self-expression and experience a sense of belonging beyond the event itself.

Join us on a journey of self-discovery, connection, and transformation.

Radical Inclusion

Anyone can participate and bring their unique gifts and ideas.


Participants are encouraged to give without expectation of receiving something in return.


Commercial advertising and branding are discouraged, creating an environment free from commercial influence.

Radical Self-reliance

Participants are expected to be self-sufficient and rely on their own resources.

Radical Self-expression

Individuals are encouraged to express themselves freely through art, costumes, performances, etc.

Communal Effort

Collaboration and cooperation are valued, and participants are expected to work together to create a vibrant community.

Civic Responsibility

Individuals are responsible for their actions and are encouraged to actively engage in community issues.

Leaving No Trace

Participants leave the event site as if it were untouched, minimizing their impact on the environment.


Active participation is key, as attendees are creators and contributors, not just observers.


The focus is on the present moment and immediate experiences, fostering a sense of authenticity and connection.


The 11th principle, Consent, emphasizes the importance of establishing clear boundaries, mutual understanding, and respect for personal autonomy in all interactions. It underscores the need for communication and active consent, ensuring that all individuals willingly and enthusiastically agree to engage in any form of interaction.

Sixth Sense
Sixth Sense

Join us on a voyage through art, music, intimacy, and desire.

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