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Sixth Sense - Underground Sanctuary

In the eternal dance of lights and shadows, in a magical sanctuary hidden from the sight of the uninitiated, the chosen few will gather for a night of sacred rites, esoteric learning, sensual seduction, and divine pleasure.

Join us in the sanctuary of the Sixth Sense for a wickedly hedonistic experience.


Doors open at 20:00 – come early to experience performances and playful discovery with workshops on sensuality, Shibari, impact play, Quantra, and polarity awareness. At midnight, expect the music to change gear, and enter uninhibited party mode, with multiple styles of juicy techno to help you transcend into ecstasy. Throughout the night all your senses will be catered for – vibrant sounds, beautiful visuals, soft skin, seductive aromas, and a candy shop to delight your taste buds! Plus the vital, essential Sixth Sense: human connection.


Whether of light or dark, you are urged to manifest your inner divine. Be a celestial goddess, a fallen angel, a Queen of the underworld, a mystic warrior from the sacred forest, or anything in between. You are encouraged to be creatively fabulous and adorn yourself to feel səxy. Be as radiant and queer as you like – This is a space where skin is beautiful and your imagination is the only limit, so wear as much or as little as you please. If you enjoy dressing up, this is the party for you! Pickers will be at the door to ensure that entry is only granted to initiates who are properly attired. !!Please take care that your outfit is not appropriating other cultures and current religions!!


The Sixth Sense is a sensual space where consent is paramount. You’ll find both open play areas and a spacious red room for couples only. Toxic, disrespectful, and unsafe behavior of any sort will not be tolerated. Reports of any consent violations to our Consent Angels will warrant a prompt and swift response, and the offender/s removed from the venue. We reserve the right to reject people at the door without explanation.


21:00-22:30 Cha’rain
22:30-00:00 Zo fus
00:00-02:00 SATO
02:00-04:00 AnnieO
04:00-06:00 Gabriella Vergilov
06:00-Closing Wiebe Roose


AnnieO [DE] KitKat Club (she/her)
Wiebe Roose [DE] Hedomanie (he/him)
Gabriella Vergilov (she/her)
SATO (he/him)
Cha’rain (she/her)
Zo Fus (he/him)


The Sixth Sense is a space for discovery and learning. We have a range of workshops to help you explore your sensuality and sexuality, and to help you connect with others in a safe and consensual way.

Early workshops at 21:00

Dance Floor – Move to Eros
Lounge – Consent
Play space – Dry Hump\

Late Workshops 22:30

Dance Floor – Rope Play
Lounge – Quantra
Play space – Impact Play

Between 20:00 & midnight, DJ’s will be playing some exquisitely chill ambient techno – limited to 75dB because of Palads Cinema upstairs.

Sixth Sense

Join us on a voyage through art, music, intimacy, and desire.

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